Risk Assessments & Method Statements (RAMS)

Art in Public Spaces - Writing RAMS for Plymouth City Council

Below is our complete guide to the basics of completing your Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) for art in public spaces, including:

  • Introduction to Plymouth City Council RAMS processes and where to find the forms on their website
  • What RAMS are, why we need them, and which of the 3 types is right for your project
  • How to think about what risks your project has and how you can control them
  • Plymouth City Council template RAMS forms and what they contain, with walkthrough example of how to fill them in
  • Examples of other types of risk (including public sculpture, shared equipment, inflatables, using water, leaving artwork outside overnight, and considerations re: COVID-19)

We will soon be holding a live Q&A follow-up session to answer any questions you still have about putting on events in public spaces. Keep an eye on our social media and news page for details of this session, and if you'd like to submit a question please email it to: marketing@plymouthartweekender.com

If you have other queries about listing your event, please email listings@plymouthartweekender.com

The example forms created in this presentation are downloadable below, and you can click the pink button for more information about the project we use as our example.