In the run up to the Weekender we would like to help you publicise your project and make the most of being part of a large and varied event. Below are various tips and opportunities to help you shout about your event. Artist Marketing Checklist
  1. Make a marketing plan for your event. Good questions to ask yourself whilst making this are: who would you like to come to your event? How can you reach them? How much time do you need to put aside for marketing? What is your budget?
  2. Find an image/images that represent your event and write some short but enticing text about the exhibition. Make sure your text gives a feel of the event, whilst being informative about where and when the event will take place. Don’t make it too long! Then ask someone else to proofread it. This is your marketing material, use it to form posters, social media posts, and in anything you use to promote your event.
  3. Use the PAW social media toolkit for help with social media. Social Media toolkit.docx
  4. Use and love social media BUT also think about other ways to contact people. A personal invitation is far more memorable than a mass post about an event. Print material can be an effective form of communication alongside social media. No budget? Go D.I.Y on it!
  5. Don’t forget about signage. PAW will supply you with posters and other printed material, but be creative and go big, see our tips below for making excellent signage.
Online: PAW Artist Facebook Group: if you use Facebook as a form of communication then we invite you to join the group for the discussion and sharing of events between PAW artists. This group is not monitored regularly by PAW organisers. Don’t use facebook? Not a problem, as information shared by PAW organisers in the group will also be shared via email and on the Weekender Website. Sign up to the PAW artist newsletter: full of useful stuff and opportunities. Sign up here PAW Blog: blog posts are great ways of giving the PAW online audience a taster of your Weekender event, or sharing related information, such as artist call outs. We welcome blog posts written by PAW artists and will put them on our website and share via social media. If you would like to write a blog about your PAW event email using the header title ‘Blog Post’. Please include:
  • Blog text, max 600 words, keep it art related.
  • A short bio about yourself, max 200 words
  • 2 - 6 images
  #PAWartists Instagram takeover: we have a limited number of artist takeover slots available on the PAW instagram page These are a great way of visually talking about your project and showing ‘behind the scenes’ images in the lead up to PAW. If you would like a week takeover slot email using the header title ‘#PAWartists Instagram Takeover’. Slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis.   Event Signage: go D.I.Y! Here are great examples of some from last year. For the high res PAW logo email using the header ‘logo’. The colour profiles for PAW pink are:        HTML code: #FF017E   RGB code: R: 255  G: 1 B: 126 . HSV: 330.47° 99.61% 100% Printed stuff: VAP volunteers will be putting up posters and flyers in cultural and community venues around the city. We’d love for you to join us in promoting the Weekender by making sure your venue, your favourite cafe, your local school/library/shop etc has a poster up. At the beginning of September we’ll have stacks of posters and flyers available for artists and organisers to pick up - we’ll be sure to let you know exactly where and when you can grab some. PAW maps and signage: this year we’re planning some special signage workshops a few weeks before the Weekender so watch out for details of these, we’re also putting together packs for every venue that will be available for collection in the week of the Weekender. More info available in early September.