PAW2019 listings

Full listings: alphabetical by artist

Abadie, Karen: Flesh [Wound]

Allain, Rachael; Burke, Caroline; Gall, Allister; Paolantonio, Dan: Media Arts @ Plymouth University

Andrews, Tabatha; Bolton, Timothy: MAKE IT UP

Andrews, Tabatha; Bolton, Timothy; Dobbs, Rachel: Walk & Talk - MAKE IT UP

Art For Jam: i2 Eye?

Arts Institute, The; Korda, Serena; Evans, Mary; Schwindt, Grace; Orta, Lucy + Jorge; Gallagher, Ellen; Cleijne, Edgar; Linder; Wentworth, Richard; Bealing, Nicola; Guariglia, Justin Brice; Celmins, Vija; Cockayne, Angela; Dean, Tacita; Frears, Naomi; Kander, Nadav; Lyward, Joe: Mariner - a painted ship upon a painted ocean

Ayres, Gillian; Bartlett, Pamela; Blow, Sandra; Boccato, Daniel; Dyke, Howard; Kennedy, Dominic; Ostrokowski, David; Richardson, Kes: Bad Actors

BA Fine Art Graduates: One Year Later

BABEWORLD, Cottrell, Kane; McCarthy, Molly Erin; Nevill, Holly; Sand Gardeners; Schafer, Nicole; Stewart, Olivia; Varley, Summer; Winter, Scarlet: dOgMiLk PrEsEnTs NOTOPIA

Baker, Carole; Burke, Caroline; Fraser, Angus; Robins, Colin; Standing, Simon: PAW @ Scott Building, University of Plymouth

Bartlett, Jessica: The Book of Leaves

Beech, Dave; Guy-Robinson, Graham; Harrison, Keith; Hillon, Paul; Pasidi, Antigoni; Saude, Marcy; Seller, Carly: KARST Open Studios 0.6

Braidford, Alan: Open Studio

Brake, Elena: The Playground at Sunrise

Briar Taylor, Sally: Pseudo

CAMP: Breakfast Club

Carderelli-Gronau, Silvia; Levin, Asher; Łucznik, Klara: Six Short Pieces of Dance

Client Culture, The Stonehouse Voice, WonderZoo: 3

Coley, Adam: Dressing Like a Seagull and Pinching People's Pasties

Coker, Myles

Community Photographic Studios CIC: Photography Exhibition

Courtnell, Louise; Lenkiewicz, Robert (1941-2002): The Coming of Age

Creation Station, The: At PAW 2019!

Denning, Laura: Go Rewild Yourself

Drake, Chris; CD Digital Art: New Economic Models (Luxury, abundance and living the good life versus climate breakdown and resource depletion)

Entwistle, Kate: Pink Plaques

Feminist Fusion: MEMORIA Sessions

Flameworks: On Tour

Gillespie, Scotty: TenderStem

Group Show, Various Artists: 51st State

Hands-on Art Hub, The: Shadows on the Line

Harwood, Nicky: Witches Knickers

Imperfect Cinema: Varieties & Curiosities

Jessett, Mark: Grotto

Jones, Olivia: Have You Heard Plymouth?

Kós, Mila: Aquarelas Do Brasil

Lewry, Sue: Colossal

liveanimals theatre co: Fish in Blender

Marshall-Stevens, Gary; UNIT3: Stick 'em Up

Marshall-Stevens, Gary; UNIT3: Stick 'em Up Again

Martin, Holly; Palmer, Emmy: Project Pom Pom

McEwan, Kitty: Midnakit's PAW Blog

North Star Study Group: Monumental Monument Walk and Talk

Orly Ammon, Jacqui: Common Demoninator

Paxman, Kate: Dimetrodon: Threshold Ecologies | Phantom Cave Assemblages (tufa+algae). Will you be more successful than me?

Playwriters Organisation, The: ArtFest

Plowright, Jess: We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

Plymouth's Alternative Blue Plaques Project: Collaborative live process

Plymouth Artist Film Group at Plymouth Arts Cinema: Made in Plymouth

Plymouth College of Art Young Arts: Free Hands-on Taster Sessions

Plymouth College of Art Young Arts: Gallery Inspired Family Workshop

Plymouth College of Art Foundation Diploma (FAD) Students: Social Justice

Plymouth Marjon University: Space and Place - Brutalism at Plymouth Marjon University

Plymouth Play CIC; Scrapstore: Creative Play with Scrap

Plymouth Social Club, RIO, Saude, Marcy; Bastani, Aaron; Witek, Jack: Plymouth Social Club presents Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Plymouth Zine Library and TBA local zinesters: Plymouth Zine Library @ The Clipper

Priest, Rachel: Everything's Been Moving All This Time

Putler, Vicky; Sykes, Theo: Flaxico – A Visualisation of a Utopian Flax Growing Project in Devon

Qualtrough, Alan; Shepherd, Joanna: The Truth Tree

Art Collective Studio RAGU; Leman, Amanda; Millar, Annie: Beatles Bank

Raw, Matthew: Tactile Change

Real Ideas Organisation (RIO): Mini-Makers at Ocean Studios

Rhizome Artists' Collective: Big Watercolour / Postcard Day

Roach, Beverley; Roach Osborne, Mathilda: Borderlands

Roberts, Will (curated by Borthwick, Ben): Palindrome Paintings

Roberts, Will; Borthwick, Ben: In Conversation

Robinson, Stuart: I'm Westward Ho!

Rolfe, Carole: Touching Sight

Sims, Ellen; Texidor, Antonia: Drawn to the Lawn

Studio 102: Street Art and Sign Madness

Take A Part; Hopes, Laura; Sense, Sarah: Art in the Aquarium - After School Workshop

Take A Part; Sense, Sarah: Art in the Aquarium Workshop - Listen to the Atlantic

Take A Part; Hopes, Laura: Art in the Aquarium Workshop - Sounds of the Sound

Take A Part; North Star Study Group; Sense, Sarah; Hopes, Laura: Art in the Aquarium Talk - Decolonising Mayflower 400

Take A Part; Thrussell; Thrussell: Art in the Park Workshop - Sculpture and Storytelling

Take A Part; Far Flung Dance Theatre: Art in the Park Performance - All At Sea

Take A Part; Far Flung Dance Theatre: Art in the Park - Family Choir Session

Thorn, Kate: Spindrift Originals @ Bonne Santé

WestFordNeedles: Wayne's War of the World, plus Friends

Wheeler, Ron: Art for MND (presented by MND Plymouth)

WTCS: Possession