Info for artists

Image courtesy Dom Moore and Visual Arts Plymouth CIC, 2019

Plymouth Art Weekender is an open platform festival, with no restrictions on the scale, medium or type of artwork it includes. When the listings submissions open each year, anybody wanting to put on an event is asked to fill in a simple online form with the details of their event.

Artist FAQs

Q: Will PAW help me find a venue?

A: Yes, in some cases. However, most artists enjoy the freedom of arranging their own venue. We have found that many locations in the city are happy to assist with and be part of the Weekender, and suggest that you approach a few places yourself first to gauge what is possible, and then get in touch if you need assistance. Take a look at our guidelines for working in public places too, and our video for completing your Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS) if your event is in a public space, such as a park or the city centre.

Q: Does PAW invigilate my show while it's on?

A: The festival has a team of volunteers who work with us to help visitors navigate the various locations and get the most out of their visit. However, it is not possible to station volunteers at every venue for the duration of the festival, and we therefore ask that you open, invigilate and close up your event yourself. If you'd like to find out whether other events are happening in the same location, in order to arrange to share these duties with other artists, do get in touch with us.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to show my work at PAW?

A: We are a free and open platform which does not charge for artist to list their event. We have found also that venues are often happy to give space for free during the festival. However, you might need to get public liability insurance - especially if your event is being held outdoors or involves participants. This can be easily and cheaply obtained by signing up for a-n membership.

Q: What happens if I need to change or cancel my event?

A: We understand that things sometimes crop up last minute and changes happen. That's why we ask artists to think in advance about their plans for wet weather, emergency staffing and back-up for technical issues. Please bear in mind that the programme goes to print at least 6 weeks before the Weekender opens, so get as much as you can organised before that time to avoid visitor disappointment. The PAW team will of course be on hand to troubleshoot any last minute issues during the Weekender.

More questions? Check out our Dos & Don'ts info, or get in touch with us.