Harriet Rose Morley

How did we, How do we, How will we care?

Posters exhibited at host venues across the Weekender, details below

Also online

Co-commissioned by Visual Arts Plymouth CIC and Theatre Royal Plymouth, this is a project that has developed from an understanding of the the caring networks that exist within Plymouth and the importance they have held in the past, hold during this current moment and will hold in the future. In light of the current situation, the project has evolved to encompass the urgency and effect of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as to understand how we can work within its limitations. 

‘How did we, How do we, How will we care?’ highlights networks of care within Plymouth by publishing the responses to these 3 simple but provoking questions across the city in the form of public posters to show and demonstrate how such networks have been integral to supporting communities throughout these turbulent times (and for many, before this). This work grows from a place of solidarity with the caring work that has been ongoing continuously in Plymouth’s past, present and future, and aims to explore a wider idea of what care can be and to amplify the voices of care, as well as to shed light on various communities of care and care behind closed doors.

Engaging with the commission:

You can view the posters exhibited by host venues across the Weekender at:

  • Ame Social Plymouth, PL1 1QL
  • Canadian Muffin Co, PL1 1LB
  • Cancer Research UK, PL1 1NF
  • Cawfee, PL1 3HL
  • Chulo, PL4 0AU
  • Cosmic Kitchen, PL1 2AY
  • Hubbox, PL1 1DA
  • Jar, PL4 0EB
  • Lisbon Bakery & Kitchen, PL1 1QD
  • Mama Rita's Kitchen, PL1 1PG
  • Moments Cafe and Memory Matters Hub Plymouth, PL1 1RJ
  • PDSA, PL1 1NX
  • Plant Power Cafe, PL1 1NS
  • Plymouth Play Scrapstore, PL1 3HB
  • Plymouth Tourist Information Centre, PL1 2LR
  • Roam Brewing Co., PL3 4NU
  • Scope, PL1 1LR
  • Sloggett & Son, PL1 3HL
  • Steel Brew Co., PL1 3RP
  • Theatre Royal, PL1 2TR (Posters will change across the Weekender, so visit more than once!)
  • Tea & Bun, PL1 1PA
  • The Early Bird, PL4 6JH
  • The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art, PL4 8AT
  • The Glow Up Nail Bar, PL4 9AA
  • The Little Kitchen, PL4 6LE
  • The Plot, PL1 3EZ
  • The Printery, PL4 6LD
  • Union Corner, PL1 1TL
  • Valenti's Gelato Venue, PL1 2JY
  • Yoke The Salon, PL1 3RP

You can still contribute and add your stories of care via the website (click below) and they will be published online throughout the festival!


Alongside Harriet Rose Morley's public art commission for Plymouth Art Weekender, we’re running a one-off 3 hour poster screen printing workshop at The Printery - facilitated by Rachel Dobbs & Sue Lewry.

By listening, transcribing and responding verbally, we will work with words, shapes and experimental screen-printing techniques to make printed posters that represent acts of care we have experienced, taken part in, or plan to undertake.

By the end of the session, you will have a poster of your own to take away!

Harriet Rose Morley is a multi-disciplinary artist, maker, educator and facilitator. She works across the disciplines of public art, sculpture, architectural spaces, furniture design, urban planning, and alternative education. Her work and projects often challenge our ideas of the function and role of art within public space and is often reliant on public interaction and collaboration through workshops, conversations and educational events. These, in  turn, provide an accessible and inclusive insight into topics of urgency within art and public space such as the relationship between politics and art, social culture and gentrification, care and therapy, self-organisation, alternative education, and self-build ideals.

Recent projects include:

  • Re-designing the interior of the Art Institution Hotel Maria Kapel (NL)
  • Working with the Turner Prize winning architect collective Assemble on The Transnational Interstate Art Agency @ West in The Hague (NL)