Do’s and Don’ts


Go DIY on your signage! Do everything you can to make your event visible to a passing crowd Be a good host Welcome people into your space - art can be a step into the unknown for a lot of people so take time to consider how you might make an audience feel more comfortable. Do you want them to spend time with your work? Will they need somewhere to sit? Are you going to provide them with any information? About the artists involved, your ideas, how the artworks were made? Invade the public realm Don’t be afraid to step outside and make work in a public space! Some of the most exciting projects for 2017 were the ones that took place in really public locations, changing people’s perceptions of Plymouth, creating something out of the ordinary in the everyday and drawing large new audiences. There is definitely more work involved in producing a project of this kind but the City Council is on board, happy to help and happy to waive fees associated with the use of some public spaces for Weekender artists. See the guide we have created with Plymouth City Council for more information. Try something new There are no fees associated with participation in the Weekender, so this is a great opportunity to work in a new way, test a new idea, show a work in progress, work quickly and cheaply! Raise some cash If you have a great idea then the Weekender can be a really good time to share it with an audience, take advantage of the marketing opportunities provided by the Weekender and project resources provided by Visual Arts Plymouth to support a funding bid, start a crowdfunding campaign or develop your own creative approach to raising some cash. Team up with other artists Collaborate! A great way of growing and challenging your practice, whilst spreading the workload and growing your audience. Get the basics right Double check that all of the details are correct before submitting your listing, making sure you’re advertising the right opening times and address! Shout about your project There are lots of projects vying for attention during the Weekender, make sure yours stands out: send your own press release, keep up your social media presence and don't forget to tell everyone you know! Don't: Take on too much It can be tempting to get involved in multiple projects and book up all your time over the three days of the Weekender. We recommend leaving yourself at a day or at least a half day free to get out and enjoy all the other exhibitions and artist led projects on offer! Get cold/wet/miserable! If your project takes place outside or in a building that’s unheated/dark/damp make sure you’re well prepared: taking a flask of something hot & lots of layers, find away to allow yourself plenty of breaks away somewhere dry & warm, and ask family and friends to drop in on you. Be restricted.... 

On time Just because you're part of the Weekender doesn't mean your project can't begin before or continue long after our dates.

On where you’re based We welcome artists from across the UK to take part in the Weekender so bring your bright ideas to the city and make the most of the Weekender platform. Just because the Weekender celebrates visual art in Plymouth don't feel you can't bring a project from elsewhere or deliver a project that is also a community event, gig or performance!

On your ideas Open up your ideas of what visual and contemporary art can be - stretch the boundaries of where your art ends and something else begins, whether that means throwing a party to get everyone dancing, preparing a meal for a considered group of people, hosting a community event or going for a walk to talk about art and the city!