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Lyneham Collection: Sonic Restoration - web

What I Did During my Covid-19 Lockdown - web

softPsycho(29.93f,{"BLO","STE","HIT","BAS","GOR","GAR"}); - web

Surface Paradise - web

How Are You? - web

Perfect Imperfections, Transformation Through Fire - web

My (Virtual) Studio - web

hotline coldcall - phone

Poetry in the Garden - online performance

Wet Concrete - online workshop

Play/Pause - online workshop

Flung Further - online workshop

NEW LISTING: We and Your Troubled Ecosystems - on IGTV

NEW LISTING: Mothers Who Make - online discussion

NEWLY RELOCATED ONLINE: Cine Sisters SW - screenings and talks

POSTPONED: Feminism + Art, Weaving a Path Away From Supremacy - online conversation