Mount Batten Breakwater | PL9 9ED

Small space, limited number of people at one time, family friendly

  • Visible from the shoreline 24 hours a day (best experienced between dusk and dawn)
  • Visit the structure:
  • Friday 25 September, 11am-5pm
  • Saturday 26 September, 11am-6pm
  • Sunday 27 September, 11am-6pm

In 1620 the Speedwell, a ship intended to sail alongside the Mayflower, did not make the journey across the Atlantic, but instead returned to Plymouth. The people on board the Mayflower went to settle in what they called the New World, but it was in fact worlds where indigenous people, fellow humans, our kin, already lived. Still/Moving’s sculpture, Speedwell, is a light that joins the constellation of other navigational beacons within Plymouth Sound. It uses the poetry of light to point to the dual nature of the collective trauma of both our colonial past, and the environmental crisis on the horizon. It offers a space where discourse, reparation and imagination can re-make and re-world our future. It urgently imagines a possibility of New Worlds founded in diversity, equality and sustainability. You are invited to add your voice to the sculpture and to make your own journey. The breakwater can be reached by land or by taking the Mountbatten Ferry from near the Mayflower Steps. Metal tags and volunteers will be available on site, so you can tie your message to the physical sculpture. Or you can go to the website and add a virtual ‘tag’ or audio message