Public events 2020

We have been working behind the scenes to bring PAW 2020 participants a series of events to help you develop your projects for this coming September. As so much is unknown about how the next few months are going to pan out, we are not going to announce specific dates or venues just yet; however, we’re working up plans to ensure that these sessions will take place in whatever form is possible, if they can’t be public. So, here’s a preview of what’s coming up,  so you can get as excited as we are about these events!

In April we will be launching a virtual resource which will include information on how to apply for permissions for public artworks from Plymouth City Council. This will include writing an expression of interest, writing a method statement and filling out a risk assessment. We’ll then follow this up with a virtual Q+A the following week so that we can answer any questions you might have on this.

We are launching the PAW 2020 listings portal on the 18th of May, closing on the 1st of July. We’ll be arranging drop in sessions for participants to come to the PAW Team with any questions/ support in listing their events for the Weekender this year. 

In the early summer we will be hosting our annual SOUP seed funding event, combined with a pre-PAW party. This is currently in the diary for early June, but we’ll need to announce the date  in a few weeks’ time when we know more about what’s likely to be possible, in line with government advice.

In July we will be joined by PAW’s PR Company, Excess Energy to run a workshop on how to market your events to potential press and members of the public. This session is to give you confidence and to build a language to talk about your work effectively. 

In August the PAW Team will be offering more drop in sessions for participants, focused on supporting you with last minute snags for your projects.

And lastly, in the second week of October (week of the 5th) we will be holding a feedback session for participants to talk to each other, the Weekender team and Visual Arts Plymouth about how this year has gone for them. 

Hang tight as we update you here, and on our social media platforms with the latest on what’s happening with these events. In the meantime, we felt like now would be the perfect moment to share the full video documentation of PAW 2019. With thanks to everyone featured in the video, our PAW 2019 Assistant Producer Rosie Bowery and our amazing videographer and editor Connor Simmons.