PAWalkabout: Ligging, Gigging, and anything in between

PAWalkabout: Ligging, Gigging, and anything in between

Welcome to the Lucy Ligger PAW programme, where I’ll be guiding you through opportunities to drink some (possibly free) Gallery Red, groove it out and/or immerse yourself in sound, visuals and performance. This will be a strenuous weekend, so don’t forget there will be cake and coffee to be had every morning at 10AM at the Visual Arts Plymouth Coffee Mornings and VAP activators will be on hand to guide you through the weekend (not that you will need any other guide!)


Where better to start the weekend off than on The Hoe Promenade, where any time between 11AM and 3PM, you can join in with I Just Want to be Part of your Symphony, a 3 day live, interactive performance about human connection. Then after taking in the view, filling your boots with some ice-cream (and checking out some other exhibitions on the map, such as Plymouth Platform artist, Flo Brook’s, What Comes to Matter or the Leviathan Cycle in the Dome ), you can wend your way to Cornwall Street and immerse yourselves into Souls Live on in Perpetual Echoes, an outdoor sound work inspired by Plymouth’s very own Bone Caves.  Whilst on Cornwall St, seize the opportunity to sample some food from the many cafés and restaurants around and inside the Covered Market and take a well-earned rest in preparation for the evening ahead, because from 6 PM the serious art ligging begins! To kick things off, there are a few gallery openings, such as Pearl & Latex at Victoria Sewart Jewellery Gallery. No 6 Caroline Place is also throwing its doors open once more as it transforms from a home to an exhibition space (this was one of my highlights from earlier PAWs). However, the big event is the Atlantic Project Opening that will be taking place in the Guildhall. This will include the 1st performance (the next performance will be on Saturday) of Laura Denning’s Hydrosapien, featuring a Silent Choir, and vocalists Iris Garrelfs and Joseph Kohlmaier. There will also be a special Café Concrete event, with a performance from Oddstep Deployment Unit (Plymouth’s No1, 21st century, AV funk outfit). But, the big news is of course, that Ryoji Ikeda will be performing, from 9.30PM - this really is not to be missed! Away from the glitz of the Guildhall, Fotonow will be holding the opening of their exhibition, Deluge, at Ocean Studios, whilst at our PAW Hub, the Athenaeum, Liberati will be hosting a mysterious night of art-swapping, experimentation and music. It will be open till 11PM so there’s no excuse to not pop-in for a drink as you make your way to back towards the Hoe for the Atlantic After-Party at The Dome, with DJ Verdi. This is a late one, so drink lots of water, remember to eat well and rest your legs…because Saturday and Sunday are going to be absolute bangers! To summarise!
When Where What Map Listing
From 10 AM The Dome Leviathan Cycle 7
From 11 AM The Hoe Promenade I Just Want to be Part of your Symphony 31
From 11 AM The Lion’s Den What Comes to Matter 37
From 11 AM Cornwall Street Souls Live on in Perpetual Echoes 6
2.30-3PM House of Fraser Book signing with Yan Wan Preston 3
6 PM Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery Pearls & Latex 23
6 PM The Jill Craigie Cinema Peninsula Arts Film Commission Showcase 9
6 PM  6 Caroline Place Presenting Mostly Yourselves 44
6PM Ocean Studio Deluge
6:30 PM Plymouth Guildhall The Atlantic Project Opening Event 11
7.30 PM Plymouth Athenaeum Liberati Lounge 16
10:30 PM The Dome The Atlantic Project & 'After Dark' 30


Starting at The Athenaeum, after a cup of coffee and cake at the VAP coffee morning, take the opportunity to check out from Me & You: Then & Now, an experimental installation of projection & sound in the tunnel that runs beneath Plymouth Athenaeum. Then it’s time to head towards Plymouth University, where you can see a unique performance from electronic sound artist and multi-instrumentalist Eberhard Kranemann (founding member of Kraftwerk) with experimental ‘neo-noir’ architect, Mathew Emmett in the Immersive Vision Theatre, from 12-12.30PM (there is a later performance at 3PM). On the way there you may catch a glimpse of Go Happen’s boat, circumnavigating Armada Way, or Beyond Face’s film, Taking Up Space. Next it’s time to head to the Barbican for the second performance of Hydrosapian at 2PM, which probably should be followed by a pit stop for some chips! Then we wander back towards Union Street to check out installations by Ryoji Ikeda and Carl Slater in the Millenium Building Then there are a number of options, you might want to visit the Royal William Yard and environs for Fathom, a sound installation mixing pre-recorded underwater sound with live acoustic transmissions from the River Tamar,  and video, sound & sculptural work The Things Things Say (on till 6PM), or if you have a yen for more cinematic fare, the Arts Institute will be screening new work by film artists Richard Broomhall, Chris Bailey & Ieuan Jones. Commissioned by Peninsula Arts, all the films have used archive footage from the South West Television and Film Archive and will be screened from 6PM in the Jill Craigie Cinema, back at Plymouth University. KARST’s opening for the exhibition I AM MY OWN PRIMAL PARENT & I WILL COPULATE WITH MYSELF offers a ligging opportunity from 7PM, however things are also kicking off at The Athenaeum at this time with Feminist Fusion upstairs in the Lounge and a special performance Recitativo/ Clouds & Noise Wherever you are though from 9PM, you need to make your way to The Athenaeum for the first PAW party of the weekend. Following on from last year’s success the 90s rave up is back. I’ll be seeing you on the dance floor, with glow sticks aplenty!
When Where What Map Listing
From 12 PM Plymouth Athenaeum Me & You: Then & Now 18
From 11 AM Armada Way Go Happen: The Long Way 1a
24hr City Wide Taking Up Space 15
From 11 AM Plymouth University: First Floor, Scott Building Media Arts @ Plymouth University 14c
12-12.30 PM Plymouth University: Immersive Vision Theatre The Atlantic Project 14a
14 - 15PM Commercial Wharf Hydrosapien 36
From 10.30 AM The Millennium Building The Atlantic Project: Ryoji Ikeda 9
From 10.30 AM The Millennium Building The Atlantic Project: Carl Slater 9
From 12:00 PM Royal William Yard: The Devils Point Reservoir The Atlantic Project: Fathom 12a
From 11 AM RWY: Mills Bakery The Things Things Say 12d
6 - 7.30 PM Plymouth University: The Jill Craigie Cinema Peninsula Arts Film Commission Showcase 14d
7 – 10 PM Plymouth Athenaeum Feminist Fusion - Equinox Special! 18
7 – 8 PM Plymouth Athenaeum Recitativo/ Clouds & Noise (Fragments After Lucretius & Negri) 18
9 PM – 1 AM Plymouth Athenaeum 90s-tastic Glow Stick Rave Up 18


Sunday will start with either a swim or a strum as part of the Immersive Orchestra at 12PM, then to the Union Street Party for some food and good vibes. There will also be an opportunity to learn something new during the special Soapbox event at Place de Brest. After that, you could head up to special performance Drowning (in plastic) at 2PM or go to Plymouth Art Centre, for Plymouth Platformer Rhys Morgan’s work Daddygogue, a video & sound installation that interrogates modes of learning and information distribution, dispossession and queer despair. From 2PM, the cinema will be screening film work from Glasgow and Plymouth artists as part of MFS X PAC. Alternatively, you could spend the day at Royal William Yard for some open workshops and interactive performances with Recitativo/ Clouds & Noise and a procession (of dogs & devils) from 3PM, as part of the Atlantic Project. Irrespective of where you spend the day, all roads lead to the Plymouth Athenaeum for the evening as the Lounge is transformed into a temple of Luck and Destiny, for Manifest It! and the downstairs is transformed into a den of iniquity for the closing PAW party: HotSpace Disco – come along, do some LuckAoke, test your luck, have a drink, a dance and pat yourselves on the back for making the most of the Weekender!
When Where What Map Listing
12-2PM Plymouth Hoe: Foreshore Immersive Orchestra: Plymphony No 1 38
12-4PM Union Street Union Street Party 43
13-4PM Place de Brest Soapbox Art & Science 2
14PM 21 Whiteford Road Drowning (in plastic) 58
11-6PM Plymouth Arts Centre - Batter Street Studios Daddygogue 33
14-5PM Plymouth Arts Centre - Cinema MFS X PAC 33
11-12.30 RWY: Ocean Studios Open Workshop 1: Recitativo/ Clouds & Noise 12c
14-3.30PM RWY: Ocean Studios Open Workshop 2: Recitativo/ Clouds & Noise 12c
3-4.30 Royal Willliam Yard: The Melville The Atlantic Project: Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll 12a
20-11PM Plymouth Athenaeum Manifest it! 18
20-11PM Plymouth Athenaeum HotSpace Closing Party 18