PAW2020 Seed Funding event #2 with Louise Ashcroft

The annual Plymouth Art Weekender ‘Soup’ Micro Funding Event is back for Part Two, following on from the rollicking success of our last event.

Friday 19th of June on Zoom | 7.15 pm onwards with pitching to start at 8 o’clock | Donations: £3 upwards

How it works: If you want to be in the audience on the night you will need to make a pledge on Crowdfunder to receive the invitation link to the Zoom event. This link will not be sent out until close to the event for security reasons, but we will be in touch between now and then with exact info on what to expect, so please read that email. 

Your pledge includes a donation to the seedfunding pots, the opportunity to ask questions to the pitchers, access to Louise Ashcroft's live performance (see below for more details) and of course, votes for which PAW projects get the cash!

So, who's pitching?! This time round there are 5 pitchers, for 3 seed funding pots:


Alex Robins is a Plymouth based Playwright who recently toured his ACE funded play 'Fireworks' around the South West before a run at London's VAULT Festival. He plans to use the funding to collaborate with voice actors and web designers to create a catalogue of choice-based audio narratives which can be accessed by calling phone numbers. 


'How do we interact in the age of COVID-19? How are communities across the globe responding? ‘Social. Distant.’ looks at practical solutions to ensure social distancing guidance from central government is adhered to across Plymouth Art Weekender, whilst at the same time exploring how different sections of society around the world are communicating as one in the face of racial prejudice.'


Angie has been a potter, teacher and researcher in Plymouth for nearly 20 years. This has included becoming a member of Flameworks Creative Arts in 2007, where she teaches and makes pottery. 

Angie has a Masters in experimental archaeology, specialising in local Neolithic ceramics. She wrote and teaches a Prehistoric Pottery Making course which involves sustainable practices of sourcing all materials for making pottery from our local environment. She has recently been involved in making a replica of the Neolithic (3750BC) Hembury bowl (Exeter Museum) for the promotion and conservation of Hembury Hillfort, near Honiton, and is writing this up for publication.


’At Plymouth Arts Cinema, we believe that great cinema can change the world. The cinema industry as we know it globally is at risk, and faces inevitable change. PAC have a plan to engage our current audience further, and reach new audiences in Plymouth, throughout the southwest and beyond. Looking at the themes of mental health, lockdown and of course, film, we would like to invite film and art lovers back to PAC as they’ve never seen it before. ‘Behind the screens’ tours, coupled with an exhibition in our cinema room, will reconnect the public with their love of film.'


"37 Looe Street sits at the confluence of art and heritage. It is the former PAC Home. It is art house, warehouse, butcher's shop, spice store, server hub. Bodged and burnt, reused and rebuilt, now recycled into an immersive collective sum of its parts. We, Angela Piccini and Sefryn Penrose, are two of these parts - artist-educator-filmmaker and sea-creature-heritage professional. We cable the past and listen to the woodworm, scratch the wet rot and breathe the dust. We respond to the already-here and the quietly-present in our work using images (still and moving), things-that-we-find that have been here longer than us, and the stories that our narrative-addled ways can't help but hear. 37 Looe Street is the here-and-now of the then-and-there".

On the night: 

Back by popular demand, the incredible Rhys Morgan will be hosting the event and we’ll be inviting five artists or artist groups to pitch their projects to the audience. Each pitch can last for up to four minutes. Audience members can then ask each presenter up to four questions after their presentation.

After all the presentations, audience members can vote for three projects they would like to be funded. The three projects with the highest number of votes will each receive a guaranteed micro-grant of £500 each, plus part of the extra money raised through the Crowdfunder.

We’ve set a minimum advised amount, but please think about donating what you can to support these Plymouth-based creatives during this difficult time. Equally if you are interested in this event, but can’t attend, please consider making a donation or sharing info about the event.

Questions or problems?

Entertainment: Lockdown Labyrinth!

Artist Louise Ashcroft will be our virtual screensaver, distracting you with an anarchic medley of short poems, stories and props as you muse over your votes.

Louise is a visual artist who works with humorous performances and videos to tell stories chronicling her observations and antagonistic gestures which playfully reinvent cultural conventions and systems of control. Her latest audio work Breakfast Cereals is part of Boring Talks on BBC Sounds (she's also done ones on the Argos Catalogue and Call Centres) and her new film Dead Relevant, in which a 17th Century painting abdicates to a new digital life, is now showing at Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, Netherlands, as part of the show Image Power which explores how images can confront power.

Louise also runs her own irreverent performance night, Unperforming. In 2019 she was a speaker at Chaos Computer Club's Leipzig hacker summit, she has a TED talk with hardly any views and she teaches BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths.