The stakes have never been higher, and it’s so easy to feel powerless and disconnected. Take the opportunity during this year’s Weekender to explore and engage with all the amazing creative people across the city who are thinking and acting on the Climate Emergency.

Laura Denning this year forces us to confront the realities of climate crisis with her work Go Rewild Yourself, which will be on Armada Way throughout the weekend. dOgMiLk bring together millennial and Gen-Z artists in their group show NOTOPIA to consider the seemingly future-less future they have inherited, in the new venue Leadworks. At The Gallery in Plymouth College of Art, Matthew Raw’s show Tactile Change engages with themes of migration, borders, and progress. Finally, Sally Briar Taylor asks us to step inside and lock ourselves in an artificial naturescape, and reflect on the greenwashing of our day-to-day lives.

Feeling totally hopeless now? This Weekender hosts the work of creatives who are exploring solutions and alternatives to our current systems. Plymouth Social Club presents Fully Automated Luxury Communism at Ocean Studios on Saturday from 6:30pm. Throughout this fascinating talk you will be surrounded by the work of Chris Drake, whose digital works look to imagine New Economic Models of the future. At Plymouth School of Creative Arts Vicky Putler and Theo Sykes work Flaxico – A Visualisation of a Utopian Flax Growing Project in Devon, which invites us to consider the utopian possibilities so close to home.

Or perhaps you just want to feel a bit closer to the incredible natural beauty we have around us in Plymouth? Join Laura Hopes at the National Marine Aquarium from 11:00am - 12:00pm on Saturday to make creative soundscapes, or join Far Flung for the family choir session at the stunning Teats Hill Amphitheatre, and sing out into the Sound, from 3:00pm on Sunday. Finally, stop by 45 Southside Gallery and step into the world of Scotty Gillespie’s TenderStem and explore his use of the natural world.