Presenting Mostly Yourselves

September 29-30th, 11-6pm . Opening view 28th 6-9pm

This is a show of three parts; an Open Show Presenting Mostly Yourselves - the subjective installation of a serendipitous selection of submitted works, previously unseen. Presenting Mostly Yourselves considers communication of self, now an everyday concern, where social media is the communication of choice both on a personal and public level. The title is taken from the 70's old time Music Hall TV show the Good Old Days, when the loquacious master of ceremonies declared the entertainment was mostly provided by those in the stalls enjoying the show, the viewer. The open show explores an inverse approach to curation in which the showing of work is privileged over concept, the outcome a shared pleasure in exhibition and a presentation of work that includes all comers.

As part of the show, Presenting Mostly Yourselves also presents;

Olivia Aggett’s animation uses the anonymity of a crowd to highlight the direct intimacy of communication by text. It makes us consider that the mobile phone is now primary means of presenting mostly (y)ourselves with a reach far beyond analogue social circles. Her animation Crowd  was made as a response to a brief for animation made using a single sheet of paper. At each stage of drawing, the new addition to the drawn line was photographed on her i-pod touch to create an individual frame. Her process does not allow for editing and the finished filmed piece is a composite of now erased one-off drawings. The animation consists of over 200 individual drawings put together and the finished whole was compiled on adobe software. Olivia Aggett received an artists residency at 6CP .

Lucy Soni’s The Stars Are Aligned is boldly hung over the façade of 6CP dead opposite the Marine barracks, riffing on the old naval tradition for ships to be dressed overall, a celebratory hanging out of signal flags not necessarily to convey a message. Here Soni’s huge bunting states the stars are aligned - an idiom for favourable circumstances, and an allusion to omens of positivity. Given we are seemingly adrift on the global stage, it might be what we would hope for… Lucy Soni selected for John Moores painting prize 2018

Kim Thornton’s practice uses mis-en-scène photography, performance and film. She creates characters using household objects and materials to make costumes and props to stage set pieces; part performance, part satirical self-portraiture. Thornton’s images are both humorous and wry, a recognition of that peculiar domestic self we all have to be at some part of our day that is usually hidden from view. Bought out of doors, it becomes loaded with meaning. Thornton’s work hits the relief button, presenting the mundane jobs of everyday life elevated in a performance celebrating daily existence. Kim Thornton received Arts Council England funding award 2018

Art Wanted, Olivia Aggett 'Crowd_ anim still
Olivia Aggett, Art Wanted, 'Crowd', Animation Still
Kim Thornton still from RaisingtheBridge, photo by Monika Kita
Kim Thornton, Raising the Bridge, Video Still
Lucy Soni The Stars are Aligned interior installJPG
Lucy Soni, The Stars are Aligned Dreaming Awake, Interior Install

Saturday 6th Oct film screening:

Dr Anne Robinson’s film Wakeful will be screened at 6CP at 3pm followed by conversation and Q&A with the artist. 'If I Sleep, I May be Caught’: motto of HMS Wakeful a WW1 destroyer, built on ‘Red’ Clydeside in 1917 on which the artist’s father was ship’s cook. Drawing on a fragmented childhood memory and a ‘hidden history’ from a century ago, Wakeful is a project about listening to the past: a film with percussive sound with international collaborators and considering the 'peace' today. Wakeful uses film technologies to record the passing of time strangely as performers re-inhabit the past, the landscapes of war give up their dead and soundscapes of the past seep into the present.


Dr Anne Robinson’ is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is concerned with the perception and politics of time passing and encompasses painting, film and sound. She holds a practice-led PhD:The Elusive Digital Frame and the Elasticity of Time in Painting and currently teaches at Middlesex University. Recent works include: Thrashing in the Static (2015) and Over Time (2014) .

Anne Robinson _Wakeful_ still Ghost sailors
Anne Robinson, Wakeful, Film Still


SixCarolinePlace  is the project of artist Charlotte Squire. It is integral to her work as a sitespecific domestic space and provides a natural place to develop a curation practice. Squire is an installation and visual artist working with liminal and interior space and assemblage of objects. She has shown in nationally and internationally and has a permanent commission in the listed market arcade in Brixton, London. She received the special gallery prize at Arte Laguna, Venice, showing The Visitors at Diana Lowenstein Fine Art in Miami. She received Arts Council England funding as part of the cultural Olympiad for installation Pleonasmos  in the baroque church of St Pauls, Deptford. In the SW she took part in touring exhibition Material Actions at PCA Gallery, CCANW, Create Bristol and Bath Spa University. With artists group Surgery Projects, she put together a programme of exhibitions and open shows over 10 years in South London, developing a network of visual artists and performers .

SixCarolinePlace  house team are Jonah Garner  and Olivia Aggett , responsible for our fantastic Instagram takeover and on the ground support! Thank you guys!