Mothers Who Make

Mothers* Who Make


*including trans / non-binary parents and carers

  • Friday 25 September, 10-11.30am

How has your making and mothering adapted in the pandemic? What do you need to thrive in the city now? 

Join Mothers Who Make and guest speakers Claire Honey and Jo Gorniak for peer-support and discussion for creative mothers* in Plymouth / Devon

Claire Honey, mother of 2, Head of Cultural Experiences at Real Ideas Organisation

“I work full time for an amazing social enterprise, RIO, I been with them for 11 years under a few different roles including as project manager for the Illuminate Light Festival, a big creative experience and achievement for me personally. I love creating experiences, making people happy and bringing others along with me… it’s never a one-woman show. I’m a mother to two little delights, Josie, about to turn 10 (thinks she’s 25) and James, nearly 7 (tall enough to pass for 10). With husband, Dave, we live in a ‘project’ house… so I guess I can include interior design and decorating in my creative practice… if only we won the lottery so we could get it finished one day! I adore my children, love being a mum and am passionate about my work. I never have enough time to do anything properly but I’ve learnt to accept this, as have my family! It’s important to me that my children see me working, being creative and still have enough love and time to share… we’re all in it together."

Jo Gorniak, mother of 6, co-founder of Street Factory, entrepreneur and actress 

Street Factory is a multi award winning company based in Plymouth. Jo says: “In our work we transform the lives of people who have low self worth, feel alone in the world and not seen, we empower them to discover their individual genius and live their best lives. This has resulted in me juggling numerous job roles at the same time, going through so many labours with young mothers , adapting and transferring my skills, gaining a very large community family and being like a mother figure to so many...”

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