The Old Jewish Cemetery: Ruth Mitchell and Derek Frood

Audio Trail in The Old Jewish Cemetery, Lambhay Hill, The Hoe PL1 2NP

Located on Plymouth’s historic Hoe, in the shadow of The Citadel, lies a hidden secret: The Old Jewish Cemetery. Contained within high stone walls it has always remained hidden from public view. The only clue to its existence is an insignificant door.

Earlier this year that door was opened and for the first time in its history the general public were given the opportunity to step over the threshold. A few months later, with the aid of funding from Vital Sparks, an audio trail has been created in the garden cemetery, bringing to life the lives of those buried within this hidden gem.

In 1740 this plot was a family garden; today it is a calm oasis that hides a wealth of history and culture.

Audio created by Ruth Mitchell and Derek Frood, aka ripple. Ruth Mitchell and Derek Frood have been working together for ten years making performance and audio for intimate spaces.

Recorded with StS, Stage technical Services
Plymouth Hebrew Congregation