Studio 65 Presents! (a photographic exhibition)

Studio 65 Presents! (a photographic exhibition)

The majority of the images on display are modelled by Lois J Rose and captured by Francis ‘Bonzo’ McCrorie Photography. The themes are very broad, which is due to Lois’ creative mind. Living in Plymouth, we like to utilise the beautiful scenery that Plymouth has to offer.

Images that are not produced outside are captured in Studio 65 – located in Christian Mill Business Park, Crownhill, which we both have a close working relationship with. The studio offers 9 shooting areas that can cater to any photographers needs. The only thing required is imagination!

Working in partnership with Studio 65, we have included a selection of images by other photographers and models to show the different styles we have to offer. Studio 65 caters for all your photography needs: Weddings, Portraits, Family Photos, Event Photography, Photobooth and much more.

Please feel free to look us up on Facebook at Francis ‘Bonzo’ McCrorie Photography and ‘Friends of Studio 65’ to see what we are about and to get involved.

Francis ‘Bonzo’ McCrorie (Photographer)
Denis Smart (Photographer)
Paul Harrison (Photographer)
Jon Lacey (Photographer)
Lois J Rose (Model)
Danielle Young (Model)