Stonehouse Street Gallery

Stonehouse Street Gallery.
Myles Coker (HOAH Courses) and Carol Ralf (Smashing glass)
Stonehouse Street Gallery, Stonehouse Street, PL1 3PS

A joint exhibition of oil paintings and glass sculpture to exhibited recent works over the three day event.

Alongside the exhibition, demonstrations, research and questionnaires will be conducted to further help HOAH (Hands on Art Hub) and a group called HIPSTERS (A group ‘to further the health and wellness in the south west’) lead by Beacon Medical Practice, Plymton. HOAH is an Art Agency start up, delivering services to our special interest groups.

Our special interest groups are: people with dyslexia, people with special needs, disabled people and wounded military personnel. One of the ways to energise people is to engage and then to inspire through the arts the need to create. Through the exhibitions and the Open Studios, our clients are empowered to decide upon, and if appropriate, to continue a course of discovery through HOAH.

The artist would be accompanied by an individual who specialises in the care of the client and together progress the wellbeing and enjoyment of the course. The aim is to engage, empower, explore and educate our clients and artists through Exhibitions, Events and courses with the advantage of small groups so that we can cater for our clients specific needs.