Rewritten Narratives: Rory Duckhouse

Rewritten Narratives
Rory Duckhouse
Plymouth School of Creative Arts, 22 Millbay Road, Millbay, Plymouth PL1 3EG

Rewritten Narratives is a participatory project based on the process of exchange. Visitors are invited to take an image in exchange for a text in response to it (this could be fictional, descriptive, a memory etc). The text will then replace where the image was taken from. The images were bought online from eBay so through their sale, they have been removed from their original context, a context that gives them their value as documents. Peoples personal histories are bought for values under £10 with little consequence of what this means, years of history forgotten and deemed largely unknowable. So through the exchange process, the images will be re-contextualised as art objects, and infused with new meanings.

With more images being taken daily than ever before and shared worldwide, Rewritten Narratives asks what are the implications of this? And where might these images end up