Relic: Katy Richardson & Imperfect Orchestra

Relic: Katy Richardson & Imperfect Orchestra
Plymouth Athenaeum, Derrys Cross, Plymouth, PL1 2SW
7-8pm, Fri 23rd Sept

An exploration of the unreliability of memory, this performance uses film, voice, live music and found sounds to create a multi-layered installation / performance which leads the viewer through an interpretation of failing memory.

This collaboration with Imperfect Orchestra has been inspired by the legacy of a collection of documents and artefacts from the artist’s grandmother Dilys Richardson (nee Tully) who was born in 1922. The daughter of a cinema pianist and a tax clerk, she lost her mother at the age of 4 and was subsequently passed from family member to family member until her father remarried in 1932. Dilys worked in London during the Second World War and married Frederic Richardson in 1945, when he returned from service in the RAF. They had one son, Andrew, in 1950.

Katy was Dilys’s first grandchild, and a few months after Katy’s birth, Dilys began keeping a journal and scrapbook of memories, both of her experience of becoming a grandparent and her recollections of her earlier life. She continued to write this until the end of the 1980s, around which point she began to develop dementia. Approximately 10 years later she began sending Katy anonymous parcels, including her wedding dress. Then, around 2005, she sent the journal.

Supported by Plymouth City Council and Devonport SOUP