Penelope is waiting: Pedro Valiente

Penelope is waiting
Pedro Valiente
Big Screen, Armada Way

Penelope is Waiting is a multiple portrait of a contemporary Penelope who is expecting Ulysses. We imagine an empty space in the end of the world, which is here. Inside everyone. A long wait full of love where everything is an affirmation of life.

Originally conceived as a transmedia project, it´s a video-installation/performance for art centers, public spaces, and the internet. Main element is the simultaneous projection of four videos of 7 minutes as a Cubist scene by Picasso.

Penelope is Waiting is a work by filmmaker/multimedia artist Pedro Valiente, who started working on video design with Robert Wilson. It´s conceived as a technological tableau vivant with performers/artists Alfredo Miralles and Irene Gómez.

An essential element is the contemporary music composed by Juan José Talavera, emotional and subtle, that along with the sound design creates a powerful storytelling. It integrates a performance by actress Paloma Zavala, Odin Teatret collaborator, and emergent figure in Madrid; photography by Juan Manuel Núñez; graphic work by visual artist Javier Chavarría; and digital media developed by Sara Conde.