One Good Yarn Deserves Another: Lauren O’Farrell

One Good Yarn Deserves Another: Yarn Storming Masterclass with Whodunnknit’s Deadly Knitshade, aka, Lauren O’Farrell
Hamoaze House, George Street, Devonport, PL1 4JQ

Lauren O’Farrell is a professional yarn stormer based in London, creating woolly street art all over the country. Lauren specialises in changing the way crafters view their world and the way in which they interact with it.

The masterclass is open to everyone (you need to be able to knit/crochet at an intermediate level or above) and will focus on creating your street art identity; street art philosophy and of course, creating a piece of woollen art. Lauren is part of the yarn storming group, Knit the City and runs yarn storming boot camps. This event is part of a week of yarn storming in Devonport funded by Vital Sparks –