Oh Bleak

Plymouth School of Creative Arts, 22 Millbay Rd, Millbay, Plymouth PL1 3EG
Wes Gilpin, Cecelia Johnson, Jemima Thomas. (More TBA)

We wish to remain in a space of flux and slippage. To let becoming and being operate together; dismantling dualistic ways understanding. Within a space of communal making through which new discourses emerge & spill into new contexts, all work enters a horizontal plain. We wish to capture the political shifts that take place when one work is seen through the relations to its surrounding practices. Such relations are where a contingent radicality resides and we wish to tease it out.

We have invited local, national & international artists to take part in our project which will take place within the Gynasium in Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Over the 3 days, we will work within the space as an interdisciplinary collective; creating responsive &  interconnected works which will constantly fluctuate and change. Come on down and pay us a visit!