Nothing Bad Will Happen: Selected Fine Art 3rd year students from Plymouth College of Art

Nothing Bad Will Happen
Selected Fine Art 3rd year students from Plymouth College of Art: Grace Wagstaff, Sam Turner, Rebecca Williams, Sasha Reeve, Bethany Smiles, Steve Brown, Vesislava Zheleva, Angela Hilton and Louise Riou-Djukic

Fine Art Building, 45 Regent Street, Plymouth College of Art, PL4 8BB

Fine Art Students showing most recent work, produced outside of academic brief and criteria. Years of studying contemporary art and concepts might or might not leave any influence on one’s artwork. Either way ‘Nothing Bad Will Happen’ aims to compile the ‘outside’ work of the students. Work that otherwise would not have been shown on a tutorial, assessment or an End of Year Show. Work depicting ambitions, experiments, secrets and maybe fears or the real identity of the artists.

What do we do, is it critical, visual and conceptual? How many of our ideas fall into form? Up to what extend the fine art degree leaves traces in our artwork? We invite public to come and find out.