NOMADS: Patrick Strode and Viktor Toth

Patrick Strode, Viktor Toth
Prime Cafe Bar, 48 Ebrington St, Plymouth PL4 9AD

Patrick Strode and Viktor Toth, two emerging illustrators combine to showcase selection of new works.

Patrick Strode: Fresh from completing a children’s book commission, brings us an insight into an alternative, surreal landscape. Bold colours belie an underlying threat or sense of forboding. In ‘Lost in Space’ we follow an astronaut ill equipped for his adventure. Bereft of basic map reading skills he finds himself cast adrift in an archaic universe. Can the power of social media help light his journey?

Viktor Toth takes his influence from a brew of mythology and technology to create intricate characters and provide a fleeting glimpse into their realities. He combines traditional and digital techniques to open a door for your imagination. Viktor’s ‘Tribes’ imagines the world long after us, where the cult of technology is fully absorbed into society. How would you define yourself? How would humanity be wired?