Mayflower Returns – Journeys to Plymouth: Open Doors International Language School

Mayflower Returns – Journeys to Plymouth
Open Doors International Language School
28 Woodland Terrace Lane, Greenbank, Plymouth City Council PL4 8QL

“Mayflower returns – Journeys to Plymouth”, is a creative writing and visual art project based at Open Doors International Language School in Lipson and funded by Vital Sparks. The project was started by the student community which comes to learn English at the school and represents a very diverse mix of people including refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers. Both text and paintings explore their journeys to Plymouth and stories from their homelands, lives left behind. “Mayflower returns – journeys to Plymouth” aims to help people understand the cultures, feelings and desires of the ESOL community and help to integrate them better into life in Plymouth. The student community is very proud of the work produced and would love to share it with you. Pop in you won’t regret it!