Light & Dark: European Outreach Project

Light & Dark – A journey into analogue, black and white, 35mm photography & processing.
Ocean Studios & Gallery, Royal William Yard, The Factory Cooperage, Plymouth PL1 3QQ
12-5 Fri; 11-4, Sat / Sun

In today’s digital age, everyone can take photographs with the click of a button. With smartphones and photo-filters, creating and editing an image can become much more immediate. Though wonderful in many ways, this can cause the process and craft of photography to be somewhat forgotten – perhaps, today, we take photography for granted.

The European Outreach Project aims to address this by providing an experience for five youngsters. For one month, they will produce images through using manually controlled, black and white, 35mm film cameras. They will be responsible for creating their own assignments, shooting their subjects, evaluating their work, and processing their photographs in the darkroom. The project co-ordinators provide the tools, facilities, training, and support to assist them. The five youngsters will also partake in community activities and learn life-skills, from supporting the local fisherman and nearby events to tending to the house and cooking.