Intercity 16: Group Exhibition

Intercity 16

Intercity House, Plymouth Railway Station, North Road East, Plymouth, PL4 6AB
viewable 24 hours, 22-29 Sept

Intercity 16 marks a return to the foyer of Intercity House, Plymouth Train Station, for the work of Bridgette Ashton, Joanna Brinton, Holly Owen, and Graham Seaton. Bringing together sculpture, photography, print and publications Intercity 16 is a continuation of the conversation begun in Intercity, which ran through Plymouth Art Weekender 2015. The featured artists, all of who were based in Plymouth through 2014-15 have since dispersed, undertaking residencies and exhibiting across the UK. Intercity 16 is a return and a revaluation of places and practices that have developed over the last year.

The Intercity House site is a fixed point in a place of movement, towering over Plymouth Train Station. As such it offers a unique exhibition space for both viewers and artists negotiating the different temporal experience the site allows. A busy commuter might glimpse something different each day while a traveller between connections might have a more immersive but singular encounter with the work on display.