I Like It And So I Do It : Martyn Cross

I Like It And So I Do It : Martyn Cross
Ocean Studios, The Factory Cooperage, Royal William Yard, Plymouth PL1 3RP

The work of Martyn Cross presents us with a strange world where utopian dreams crumble and we are left with the fallout. Found images are painted over leaving behind uncanny scenes of suburban nightmares; industrial estates and public parks bristle with tension. Cross further informs this world with artefacts that could possibly be dug up at some point in the future: tarpaulin sheets are emblazoned with feverish text and plastic carrier bags become fused into everyday objects…

For this micro residency/open studio, Cross will set up temporary residence in a vacant studio and make work: he will do whatever he feels like doing. For several years he has been channelling the life and wisdom of poacher, poet and Devon eccentric Bernard Skuse, who reportedly once lived in a tree and often jumped from it into a lake. Skuse had a motto: ‘I like it and so I do it’. By adopting this mantra and exposing his ordinarily solitary artistic practice, Cross hopes visitors to the space will witness what is normally never seen: the artist making work.