Drawing experiences/workshops: Jamie House

Drawing experiences/workshops
Devonport Guidhall / Flameworks as part of Chrysalis exhibition
Tutor: Jamie House


These fun and exciting experimental drawing experiences/workshops aim to investigate ideas and thought processes through exploring varied approaches to drawing.

23 rd Sept Day 1: What is drawing?
Venue: Devonport Guildhall

Mark making and drawing machines
Using mark making and experimental techniques participants will embrace a
more creative approach to producing drawings.Exploring what drawing is and can be.

24th Sept Day 2: Drawing with the mind
Venue: Devonport Guildhall

This workshop aims to coax out your creativity, calm the chattering mind, and produce free and experimental drawings.

You will explore the following:
-Blind drawing
-Contour drawing
-Distance drawing
-Perspective drawing

25 th Sept Day 3: Electrical Drawing Machines
Venue: Flameworks

This fun and exciting final day you will get the chance to use the unique drawing machines artist Jamie House has designed and built to make one-off fractal drawings produced by charging coated paper with high voltages of 10,000 volts! (All safety instruction and guidance provide!).

You will explore the following:
-High Voltage electrical drawings
-Produce Lichtenburg figure fractal drawings
-Specular point electrical drawings

Final outcome
All the work produced in this exciting 3-day course will culminate in a mini
exhibition at Devonport Guild hall of all the work produced.