Creatures Great and Small: 45 Southside Gallery

Creatures Great and Small
45 Southside Gallery. 45 Southside Street, Plymouth, Barbican, PL1 2LD

Sarah McCormack, Gwen Vaughan, Tracey Benton

Most of us have at least one creature to our heart. And so have many of our talented artists. Plymouth ceramic artist Sarah McCormack creates Raku fired birds, bird pendants, adorable Tapirs and her famed “Stroppy Clocks”, with birds of course. Tracey Benton is a felt making artist and her favourite subject are hares, foxes and more recently bees. Every piece takes many hours of needle felting. In the last stage she adds the defining features of the face which makes each creature just lovable. It is all about creatures for ceramist Gwen Vaughan as well. Her quirky animals are captured with nearly minimalistic features nevertheless they are very recognisable species. For her latest range she created cashmere jumpers for her figurines. There are polar bears, whales, foxes, badgers, owls, dogs and of course birds.

We really enjoy promoting our Devon or Cornwall based artists. Since opening in 2009 the gallery has become known for exhibiting high quality and innovative craftsmanship all year round. We are happy to help and share our passion for craft and design to find you the right piece for your collection or the perfect gift for your loved ones.