Blinded by the Sound: Beanz

Blinded by the Sound
The Junction – 6 Mutley Plain – PL4 6LA
The Underground – 15 Mutley Plain – PL4 6JG
The Nowhere Inn – 21 Gilwell Street – PL4 8BU

Blinded by the Sound presents the performance photography of UK Photographer, Filmmaker and artist Beanz as a multi venue exhibition across three live music venues in the city. Shot over the last three years in Plymouth and the west country the project showcases the vibrant energy and disparate nature of live music in the region featuring live and national acts in performance.

The exhibition features many local musicians in multiple line-ups and documents the fans and faces that make up the various scenes as well as established acts and veterans who have themselves laid down cultural milestones. The Selecter, Ed Tudor Pole, TV SMITH, Evan Greer, UK SUBS, Buzzcocks,The Cadbury Sisters, Subhumans and more rub shoulders with local punk stalwarts The Bus Station Loonies, The Cleaners, Monitor, Honey, Zapoppin and The Souls of Misfortune.

Three venues, The Junction, The Nowhere Inn and The Underground will provide the contextual setting for the photographs which will be displayed in a variety of formats. Many will have been taken in the actual venues in which they will hang alongside companion pieces shot in other Live Plymouth Music venues and westcountry events such as The Looe Music Festival.

Step Inside somewhere a little bit different, tune in and drop out of the Rat Race for a chance to unwind over a drink and be Blinded by the Sound.