SHARED sensE partagé is a performance run by data. The electrodermal activity from the dancers skin is gathered, producing a changing sensory environment for the audience. The audience receives the performance in multi sensory ways, through vibration or touch, hue or tempo. There are individual devices for the audience members, which are worn. Some allow you to feel the body data of others while being inside a dance. Audience members are encouraged to stand.

The work will be shown for the first time at Devonport Guildhall, 7.30 on 23rd and 24th September as part of Plymouth Art Weekender.

SHARED sensE partagé centres around the beautiful choreography of Fabio Dolce, which subverts usual relationships between partner and audience.

The work creates an immersive interplay between the dancers and audience.

This performance is one result from a wider research project conducted by Diane Wiltshire called the Sound and Movement Experiments, SAM, which saw her working with participants in Birmingham, Nottingham, and Indonesia. Thanks to BOM, Backlit, Dance4 and the MRL.

This work is as much a collaboration between the data of previous participants in the SAM experiments and live data from the performance, as it is a collaboration between artist and choreographer. It was important to Diane that the technology and data in this work is subtle, familiar and occasionally unexpected.

Devices in the peripheral, where the choreography and us of sensory data change existing relationships. Feel the body data of others while being inside a dance.

SHARED sensE partagé – moments of nudity.