We have been collaborating since November 2016. It started as an attempt to share our ideas, particularly some underlying themes that run through our work. For Carly, these stem from the relationship between control and interruption and for Lee, the invitation of chance and intervention. From this starting point we began to interrogate our working processes, the materials we use, and the waste discarded during the making. Looking for visual and aural potentials within each element of the work as it developed, we have been working with photography, video, sound and performance.

The act of observation is another thread running through our individual practices. We both find our meditation practices feeding into our art and wanted to create a piece of work that offers the viewer space to contemplate. For PAW17 we have created Sound Observations, an activity guidebook featuring site-specific observation activities.

Plymouth is a multifaceted city with the South West Coast Path tracing the southern coastline, Dartmoor on its northern edges, and a variety of interesting grey and green spaces within walking distance of the city centre. We spend a lot of time moving through these places yet often don’t take time to observe our surroundings. The activities in Sound Observations use a combination of visual and aural techniques to heighten sensory perceptions of the environment using vision and sound. The book provides space for the reader to become an active participant and create their own artistic responses to the spaces around them. The project website will contain a series of soundscapes that can be streamed or downloaded that we hope will enhance your experiences of the selected locations.

The locations are spread across the city, mostly close to the South West Coast Path with a remote visit up to Dartmoor. There are no rules so you can participate by following all the activities in a single walk, or take the activities out of order and use them to take a little time for contemplation between visiting other PAW events.

Thanks to National Lottery Funding through Grants for the Arts from Arts Council England, we are able to provide the book free of charge. Sound Observations will be available to collect from a range of venues across Plymouth during PAW17. Keep an eye on the project website and social media for information on where you can get your copy. We look forward to seeing your creative responses on Twitter and Instagram!

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Website: http://cargocollective.com/soundobservations

Twitter: @plymsound

Instagram: @soundobservations