According to New Scientist Magazine, nine out of ten people hold a delusional belief.  “I don’t believe Birmingham exists”  is a hard hitting exploration of the ridiculousness of beliefs.  In an age that no longer believes anything,  the artist’s intention is to provoke critical thought rather than memorialize or reproduce.

Taking well established beliefs to include “I believe there are whales living on the moon” and “I believe NASA is running a slave colony on Mars”,  Adrián invites the viewer to consider something equally improbable from real life.

Using a series of gender – undefined transnational beings that represent repressed emotion,  Adrián asks  – “Is provenance the only guarantor, or might the stories and ideas that attach to a belief be at least as significant?”

Both comic and monstrous, his characters are a meditation on belief and truth. They are represented as emotionally unstable, yet manage complicated technological miracles and do not seem to realize that their great advances have interfered with their own evolution.

Our individual and collective existence is challenged without a space to engage and contest the tougher questions that permeate our society.  Beliefs have geopolitical consequences;  they erode the prestige of science and the time for respecting beliefs is over.

Adrián respects people too much to respect their ridiculous beliefs and feels that by their nature beliefs should not be respected but called out for what they are  –  folly.  We should not respect beliefs but evaluate their reasons.Rather than applauding rationalism, belief is highly regarded in society and being a “non-believer” is seen as a derogatory statement.  It is time to challenge the status quo of ridiculous beliefs.

“I don’t believe Birmingham exists”  an exhibition of fifteen drawings by Adrián Bishop at Studio 102, 102 Vauxhall Street, Bretonside, Plymouth, PL40DD.   Adrián Bishop is a Plymouth based artist exploring the concept that “A lie by provoking us to think, may bring us closer to the truth”.

20th September  –  8th October 2017

Adrián is available for interview, gallery tours and discussion.