#PAW17 might be over but some of the projects involved continue year round with lots of opportunities to get involved.

The 100 Homes Project, run by Stonehouse Time bank, have held exhibitions has part of History Month Plymouth and over PAW… but who exactly are they are what are they doing?

Who are you then? We were formed by Stonehouse Timebank as an Oral history project. Stonehouse is one of the most historically rich and diverse areas in Plymouth, but much of its history remains in the memories of its residents. Originally the project was a response to the WWI Centenary celebrations and the anniversary of the joining of Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport into one city. However we now have funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to extend the project for a further two years and focusing on four main themes immigration, Union Street, Would War Two and Post War but we are collecting so many other stories and have so far have recorded 70 local resident’s.

What do you do? The majority of the project is carried out by our Steering Group and Volunteers who interview residents of Stonehouse, especially in the older generation, to capture their memories of Plymouth and Stone house during WWI & II, the history of Union Street and of migration in the area. This is led by Creative Artist Peter Davey who has been part of the project from the start.

We are also funded to provide workshops free to the residents of Stonehouse and Plymouth. These workshops cover everything from exploring memory through Arts and Crafts to how to use recording equipment, or navigate social media to promote your cause. It’s an important part of the project to pass skills onto the local residents and our Steering Group, who hopefully will be able to take the project further past the two years we are funded for.

On top of this we also hold social events; we have ideas for a WWII style street party in the works, History walks, Radio Show and a Boxing Day Lunch for those who find Christmas difficult.

Where are you going?

We are hoping to set up a community archive (and maybe even museum) to preserve the Oral and Personal history of Stonehouse. It’s also our hope that the project leaves the community with a set of people who have the skills to go on and create other projects; this is the main aim of our Steering Committee and Workshops. Hopefully our project will enable others to bring together their own community, art and history projects. There will also be a book published by Laura Quigley an award-winning Plymouth-based writer who writes all kinds of fiction, non-fiction, audio plays, theatre and articles and is well known in the South West.

How can people get involved? The easiest way is to visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/100HomesStonehouse. Here you will find more information about workshops and meetings. You can also email us at 100Homesprojecttimebank and we plan to create a website and twitter accounts over next few months.