What does the Weekender mean to you?
The Weekender is a call to arms for the provinces. Art happens in places other than London and this is a perfect example of how much there is to offer. We need more events like this.

What are you doing for the Weekender?
I’ll be in residence at Ocean Studios, holed up in a makeshift cave, ironing plastic carrier bags and generally creating a mess. It’s a residency, exhibition and open studio all rolled into one, allowing people the opportunity to experience the full gamut of artistic practice, good and bad. I’ve called it ‘I like it and so I do it’ which is a motto borrowed from a local eccentric called Bernie Skuse. He was a poacher, poet and artist who believed in a natural way of life and on occasion used to dress as Tarzan. I won’t be dressing as Tarzan but I will be channelling his wisdom and just doing things that I like.

What are you looking forward to? Any top tips, artists, events?
As I’ll be ensconced at Ocean I probably won’t get to see much aside from Jock Mooney‘s show and other events happening in the studios, although I’ll do my level best to see Douglas Gordon’s burnt pictures at Peninsula Arts Gallery and Plymouth College of Arts post-punk show ‘This is Now‘. I’m basically relying on visitors coming to see me to let me know about the great stuff happening out there!

Any advice for people visiting Plymouth Art Weekender?
See as much as you can but take your time. Find something that blows your head off and soak it up. Tell other people how great it is.

Superhero Power of Choice?
Ability to obliterate the fascination our culture has with superheroes.

I Like It And So I Do It : Martyn Cross
Ocean Studios, The Factory Cooperage, Royal William Yard, Plymouth PL1 3RP
11am-5pm, 23-25 Sept