What does the Weekender mean to you?
Apart from a really positive thriving intense event, I’d view it as an important reminder that capital cities don’t have a monopoly on culture. A version of my show was part of Glasgow International festival and there will be a new version of it as part of PAW, that seems to feel right and it’s great to get the work traveling about so more people can see it.
What are you doing for the Weekender?
My solo show ‘Who Are You and What Do You Want?’ at Ocean Studios. A pretty mixed variety of stuff from sculpture, drawings, fabric and some choral singing. And lots of handmade pompoms.
What are you looking forward to? Any top tips, artists, events?
I’m hoping to get to see the Masters show at the Art College. I love the seeing shows like that, there’s a great energy to them and I can still sympathise deeply with how much blood sweat and tears probably (hopefully!) went into them.
Any advice for people visiting Plymouth Art Weekender?
Don’t forget your map and be realistic about how much you can do in one day. Make a PLAN!
Superhero Power of Choice?
Removing calories from food at will.

You can read more about Jock Mooney in an interview on the Ocean Studios website.


Ocean Studios & Gallery, Royal William Yard, The Factory Cooperage, Plymouth PL1 3QQ
11-5, Fri-Sun
Launch event 6pm, Thurs 22nd Sept