As an art genre, sound art has continued to expand. Within a largely visually cued culture and social media space, it is always difficult to get people to listen. It’s harder and often more rewarding. The eyes may skim but the ears tune in.

Sound art has also found a place for some stars of its own. Chris Watson, Martyn Ware and David Cunningham stem from the rock and pop world – Cabaret Voltaire, Heaven 17 and The Flying Lizards.

Locative sound drops the listener in this case into a Silent Disco in the Sea, giving the experience of acoustic transcendence. Work by Leah Barclay and Jez French is presented alongside lesser known but equally devout practitioners such as David Rogers and Ivon Oates (who hail from the PVA spore influenced by the likes of Peter Cusack). The natural beauty of Firestone Bay offers a breathtaking array of stimulus and input to augment the wireless experience. While we are all generally plugged in to some form of digital device, this experience reminds us that sensitive curation – in this case by Laura Denning – can shift the emotional tempo away from the angry parking signs located nearby. (However, please do buy an ice cream, 30 mins only.)