As risky regeneration projects go, the Royal William Yard ranks high. Purchased by Urban Splash, the ‘Yard’ has been gradually regenerated over a long period; with a brief stall in 2010 when things looked tough for developers. However, the site has become a destination space for cultural activity, food chains and boasts a wonderful sea board where on occasions huge navy ships glide by.

We will hand you over to Gene now for his ‘outsider’ observations:

Man, this is one beautiful city! We rocked up at Ocean Studios where we were handed some champagne. There were speeches and toasts, British style. Cheers! Then we scoot over to this huge mural art expo and the same lady cuts the red tape. More champagne and clapping. It was like some scene from a Hollywood party, except the buildings had that austere stone beauty and I could feel an Atlantic breeze cutting the scene. My guides took me to the bakery nearby where they bought fresh bread. The ‘chappy’ serving said they’d had their best day so far. I guess that’s what you English people call the ‘hub and nesting’ effect of your great culture.