Plymouth based artist, Rosie King has devised this new three-screen installation as part of Plymouth Art Weekender. The work is presented in a small nightclub in Cornwall Street.

Up the beery smelling stairs, we turn to our right and wait our turn peering into the darker space.

The film installation was shot this summer by the artist in North Devon. Three characters walk with their backs to us, one on each of the screens. A murmur of sea-scape and the surrounding landscape comes into view. It is in contrast to the smells and surfaces of the club. The artist intercuts narrating voices with close ups of the rocks and what might be her interacting with the sculptural properties of the shore. Hazard tape confines or delineates some of the granite forms. There is a melancholy emanating from the place. Should we allow nature to reshape the coast (as of course it always will) or attempt manmade interventions to preserve particular parts? The artist may be asking us the same question in her work regarding art-making. A small rounded stone is launched into the air and the sound track cuts dead.

Gone (Preserve Us) by Rosie King is at Images Nightclub, Plymouth – 22nd-24th September, 11am – 5pm