september, 2017

22sepalldayallday(Other) PlymouthsPhotographic public installation at the Barbican Landing Stage(All Day: friday) Barbican Landing Stage, Barbican Landing Stage, 2-5 Commercial Wharf, Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2NXArea:BarbicanEvent Type:Something to see

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The series (Other) Plymouths is part of a wider project (Meta-Plymouth 2014 -) investigating the South West of England – specifically Plymouth – as a point of arrival and departure examining, through photography, historical and contemporary links with the Americas.

(Other) Plymouths consists of postcards from the Plymouth settlements in the United States (of which there are thirty according to the American Community Survey of 2012), exploring ideas of individual and collective identity, territories, and the memorialisation of place. 

Extracts from the series (Other) Plymouths will be displayed as a public installation upon the railings of the Barbican Landing Stage at Commercial Wharf, using the visual language and material construction of existing boat and cruise advertisement boards in the vicinity. 

The Barbican Landing Stage provides a suitable context to show the work, with the structure in sight of the Mayflower Steps, reputed to be the departure point of the Mayflower ship on its voyage to – and the subsequent founding of – the Plymouth Colony in 1620.

Exhibition runs 22/23/24 September


All Day (Friday)


Barbican Landing Stage

Barbican Landing Stage, 2-5 Commercial Wharf, Barbican, Plymouth PL1 2NX

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Tim Mills