september, 2017

22sepalldayalldayFeaturedCompoundInstalled moving image and films, site-specific perfomance and sculpture(All Day: friday) Sea Tunnel and Arches, Royal William Yard, Royal William Yard, Plymouth PL1 3RPArea:Royal William YardEvent Type:Something's happening,Something to see

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a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture

Katy Richardson, Laura Hopes, Peter Chesbrough and Llyr Davies are composing shared works from separate elements, collaborating within shared spaces, and hosting works from others, for a co-created exhibition that spans installed spaces, site-specific sculpture, moving image and live events during the weekender.

Responding to sites, collaboration, stories, histories, democratic cinema and journeys, each of the artists’ work shares a gestalt dynamic whereby the organised whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

In addition, we will be hosting a Friday Night Event, to include screenings from contributing artists from a curated open call, a music commission and performances and bar provided by Victuals. Wet weather options being planned (inside of Victuals). Approximately 8-11pm

Exhibition runs 22/23/24 September


All Day (Friday)


Sea Tunnel and Arches, Royal William Yard

Royal William Yard, Plymouth PL1 3RP

Artist(s) or Organiser(s) names

Katy Richardson and Laura Hopes with Peter Chesbrough and Llyr Davies