The Weekender is here! So where do you start, what is a must see, where can you get a great bag of chips and a gin and tonic. The Weekender is so large, with over 90 varied events across the whole of Plymouth that it may seem all a bit too much and you fall back on old habits. Well fear not, here is Weekender Festival Coordinator, Gordon Dalton, to give you his top tips on how to have a good Weekender…

Since early this year, I’ve seen tiny sparks of ideas grow into fully fledged exhibitions and events.  I have my own favourites but to tell you what to go and see seems odd. I don’t know what you like, who you are or where you’re from. You probably have an interest in art, but maybe, hopefully, you are just curious and want to get involved and experience new things. The following is my top tips of Weekender things to help you be curious and have a good time. As The Specials sang, Enjoy Yourself!

1. Evel Knievel once said ‘It’s better to take a chance in life than to never take a chance. I’m not saying to go and jump a canyon, but you have to take chances.’ So do that. Take a chance. Throw a dart at the map, or close your eyes and drag your cursor round the website. Wear some sensible shoes (apart from when your dancing). Start from that point and draw a big W for weekender on the map and follow that. The Weekender Bus is free and does an hourly loop of Plymouth. Hop on. Hop off, like the Karate Kid, sort of.

2. Eat, drink and be merry. The Seafood Festival is on. The Dolphin Inn will be open. Cap’n Jaspers will line your arteries. Plymouth Gin will be flowing I’m sure. Most art bashes have free wine or beer. Have a kebab and give someone a Weekender badge. Rocket n Rascals do great coffee in Weekender cups. Other healthier options are available. Ignore them. Go big or go home. It’s the Weekender. Lots of early mornings and late night events. Don’t sleep. Sleep next week.

3. Share Share Share. Tell people about the good, the bad and the ugly stuff. Spread on the word on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or snail mail. Take pictures, share videos live…hell, if you have to take selfies of yourself and some of the artworks. Best selfies gets a Weekender bag. There you go, free stuff.

4. Let us know what you think using our Feedback form and also the Artory app. The feedback is essential in making the Weekender bigger and better (and this year, pinker). Pick up a pink badge, a pink bag, read a pink map, talk to our very pink live guides and let us know what you think.

5. Get involved. There are a million ways to get involved with the Weekender. You can be part of an art work, make art works, take part in workshops and performances or take a blindfolded tour around Plymouth. There are events for individuals, large group and families. Do as much as you physically can, have a quick break, then do some more.

6. What did you do at the Weekender? See stuff. Go see stuff. It’s only on for three days a year. Sounds obvious but it’s easy to miss the big stuff, the small stuff, the bits round the back of a bus stop stuff. Did I mention the free bus? Yes. You won’t be able to miss the giant head on Armada Way. You can try on a turban, see exhibitions in people’s homes, in schools, at the amazing Plymouth Athenaeum, take a trip on the ferry, make pom pom snakes, join a street party, see Turner Prize winners and talk to your neighbours and drink gin and eat chips and have fun, take a chance and enjoy yourself.

That’s a Weekender I want to be part of.

Gordon Dalton, Festival Coordinator
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